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Renken Law Firm, PLLC

Aggressive, Efficient, Advocate

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Renken Law Firm, PLLC

Aggressive, Efficient, Advocate

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Houston Divorce Attorney

The Renken Law Firm has worked hard to earn a reputation for efficiently practicing diligent and focused legal services. During the course of our representation, you can expect expert legal advice in the areas of divorce, separation planning, custody disputes, child support cases, grandparents rights, prenuptial agreements, attorney general cases and enforcement actions.


Receive prompt service and protect your rights by contacting us to schedule an appointment.


Honors and Awards

Houston's Top Lawyers 2021-2022 24pt Book Antiqua
2021 Readers' Choice Awards

Comprehensive Family Law Counsel

In times of personal crisis we understand that you want answers. As your legal counsel, this firm will provide you with answers and options. Additionally, we will guide you through what you can expect during the process and help you to understand your options and rights as mandated by Texas Law.


Our knowledge and experience has provided us with a strong base of strategies and methods to assist you to reach a successful resolution. Once retained, we invite you to demand and expect your case to be handled in an organized, timely, effective and cost-efficient manner.


Our 4-Step Process

Step 1: Consult

Contact Renken Law Firm to schedule your no obligation one hour consultation to evaluate your case.

Step 2: Prepare

You’ve never been through this. We understand that. We are here for you.

Step 3: Negotiate

Whether informal negotiation or mediation, you can trust Renken Law Firm’s decades of experience.

Step 4: Litigate

When negotiation fails, Renken Law Firm is prepared to fight for you at trial with experienced litigators.

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