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The Renken Law Firm clients’ benefit from the hundreds of divorce, custody, modification and enforcement cases that we have handled. When your marriage ends, our Memorial Houston TX divorce attorney understands the upheaval and emotional turmoil that you face. While some cases are resolved amicably and less costly, other cases require emergency or temporary orders, writs, orders to compel, sanctions and permanent injunctions. Our Memorial Houston TX divorce attorney will guide you through this turbulent time as efficiently as possible, so that you are able to begin the healing process and move forward into the future.

Memorial Houston TX Family Law Attorney

At The Renken Law Firm we provide concisely-expressed professional legal counseling to help you overcome those emotional obstacles as we develop the most sensible strategies for pursuing your objectives. Our Memorial Houston TX family law attorneys take pride in the ability to resolve your case in a professional, dignified and collaborative manner. We do this by agreement, while keeping a watchful eye on protecting our you and your family rights – whether it be property or the rights related to your children. 

Memorial Houston TX Child Support Attorney

Our Memorial Houston TX child support attorney understand how important the issue of financial security for your children is. Overall, it’s important to get matters correct.  

Whether it’s establishing child support for the first time, having a previous order modify, or attempting to enforce an order for child support – this problem can turn even the easiest cases into a harsh point of dispute between parents. Not only which parent will pay, but the amount of payment that’s required to pay. We work with a team of experts to evaluate each case on the needs of the particular circumstances to make accurate calculations for your child support. 

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Prior to annexation by Houston, the Memorial area consisted of large country estates and farmland. In the mid-1940s, the town of Addicks relocated to the western edge of the area after the construction of Addicks Reservoir by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers inundated the original townsite. This same flood control project, completed in the….

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