Houston Heights TX Divorce Attorney

Our Houston Heights TX divorce attorney knows there is more going on in your life than just your divorce. Ending a marriage is never something we take lightly.  The Renken Law Firm strives to get to know you as a person, as an individual, so we can custom tailor an experience. We do not allow our clients to use children as leverage or punishment against the other party. Understanding that for some the language around law can be intimidating, it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of what is being communicated. Our Houston Heights TX divorce attorney do not participate in bringing children to court unless we are ordered by the court to do so. Let us help you end your marriage without destroying your family.

Houston Heights TX Family Law Attorney

It is important to be fully aware of the changing laws as they apply to family law in Texas. The Renken Law Firm have Houston Heights TX family law attorney who devote themselves entirely to keeping up with these changes since we work for families. 

We’re constantly working on strategic and successful cases from prenuptial agreements to custody plans. With an expert Houston Heights TX family law attorney leading the case, we understand how to make the law work for you. If you have a goal, we’ll listen to every detail. Having handled divorces involving complicated business and property divisions, children from multiple families along with common law marriages, we confidently address any family law problems you have.

Houston Heights TX Child Support Attorney

The Renken Law Firm, is a Houston Heights TX child support attorney, who has represented thousands of clients for cases of child support and medical support cases. We represent either side of the dispute whether youre the mother or youre the father in a child support cases. Our Houston Heights TX child support attorney know that child support can have a dramatic impact on your child’s welfare along with your personal and family finances. 

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By 1891 millionaire Oscar Martin Carter and a group of investors established the Omaha and South Texas Land Company. The company purchased 1,756 acres (7.11 km2) of land and established infrastructure, including alleys, parks, schools, streets and utilities, worth $500,000 United States dollars. When Houston Heights was founded, it was a streetcar….

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