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The Renken Law Firm recognizes that the decision to file for divorce is often an emotional one that weighs heavily on a couple or comes from a place of deeply rooted frustration. A Divorce is a court order that serves to end a marriage. If you are seeking a divorce in Texas, you should contact our The Woodlands TX divorce attorney to help you with this emotional process. Although divorce is commonly thought of as a contentious, bitter court battle, this can often be avoided. Our The Woodlands TX divorce attorney understands these cases involve spouses working together to agree on the terms of the divorce. This is typically a far quicker and less expensive process than fighting it out in the courts.

The Woodlands TX Family Law Attorney

So, during difficulties such as separation, child custody, or divorce conflicts, it is crucial to have a The Woodlands TX family law attorney who can aggressively represent your interests, protecting your love ones and your financial security. Having the help from an experience legal professional is important to ensuring the best possible outcome for your family’s case. If you’re in need of a The Woodlands TX family law attorney, The Renken Law Firm is here to help. We know the complexities and unique emotional challenges that come with legal family matters.

The Woodlands TX Child Support Attorney

It is required by Texas law parents to support their children. This applies whether the parents are married, divorced, or living separate households. At Renken Law Firm we have experienced The Woodlands TX child support attorney working with clients to ensure that child supportawards are appropriate and based on full disclosure. We’ll make sure that other factors, such as the amount of alimony paid, are consider into the final support order. Clients can trust that our firm will ensure they are treated fairly in child support matters.

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The Woodlands was conceived after the oil industry investor George P. Mitchell attended a symposium by the Rouse Company subsidiary American City Corporation and developer of Columbia, Maryland. on how to develop new towns using the HUD Title VII program. It was dedicated by George P. Mitchell in 1974 and managed by The Woodlands Corporation as an….

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