Divorce Mediation Attorney Brazoria County TX

April 20, 2022

What Is Divorce Mediation? Mediation is a private and informal way to settle conflicts outside of court. In divorce mediation, an impartial third party (a divorce mediator) helps a couple try to negotiate a settlement agreement between them. The issues you mediate might include: Property division Child custody and parenting plans Spousal support (alimony) Child support Unlike judges, mediators don’t determine who wins and who loses. Instead, they help the divorcing couple reach a solution on their own that works for them. Mediation typically occurs in several stages: introduction, information gathering, private meetings with the mediator, negotiation, and a final resolution. It can take many mediation sessions before the parties reach a divorce agreement. If the mediation is unsuccessful in bridging opposing positions, a couple can return to the more traditional adversarial process in which their lawyers will negotiate and litigate on their behalf. Do I Need a Lawyer for Divorce Mediation? What’s a Legal Adviser’s Role? While you don’t need to have a divorce lawyer in mediation, it can be a good idea to speak to one to know exactly what your legal rights are. If you underestimate the strength of your legal position, you may “give away the farm;” on the other hand, if you drive too hard a bargain, you may cause the other party to walk away from negotiations. Before starting mediation, it’s helpful to be familiar with your state’s laws on marital property, how child support is calculated, and so forth. An attorney can educate you on these matters. An attorney can also assist you in the following ways: Explain the rules and procedures of mediation Help select a mediator (if the mediator isn’t chosen by the court) Prepare you for mediation Help you decide potential settlements Review a proposed settlement for missing details or …

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