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The Renken Law Firm understands that divorce is a serious decision. When you meet our Katy TX divorce attorney to discuss your options, we will help you explore every option. The Renken Law Firm is not going to push you into a divorce if you are not certain it is right for you. Our unmatched experience can work for you and your family regardless of your specific situation. We handle a broad range of family law issues, from same sex divorces and child custody cases to child support disputes and alternative dispute resolutions. The challenging times you are going through have been trying enough. Hire a Katy TX divorce attorney who can make life easier for you and has your best interests in mind.

Katy TX Family Law Attorney

If you’re facing a family law matter, you’re definitely worried about your family’s future and well-being. Situations such as going through a divorce, for example, can change the existing dynamics in your family, which leads to increased emotional stress. Moreover, you might have uncertainty about what litigation will have your child custody and property rights. Katy TX family law attorney at The Renken Law Firm know the impact family law matters can have on a person’s life. Our skilled team is determined to help make the legal process as understandable as possible. 

Katy TX Child Support Attorney

Our Katy TX child support attorney can help you complete and file all the necessary paperwork to start or modify child support. We guide clients in determining the best situation on child support for them. We review every case with a responsive attention to detail. Because The Renken Law Firm is smaller firm, we’re able to provide each client with personalized attention. You can expect receptive, compassionate advocacy inside and outside the courtroom, and affordable legal services. 

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Regionally, parts of the county are within the extreme southernmost fringe of the regions locally known as Southeast Texas. Brazoria County is among a number of counties that are part of the region known as the Texas Coastal Bend. Its county seat is Angleton, and its largest city is Pearland. Brazoria County, like nearby Brazos County, takes its name from….

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Top Divorce Attorney in Katy TX

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