Why Do Narcissists Drag Out Divorce

Why Do Narcissists Drag Out Divorce

Are you currently in the process of separating or divorcing your spouse? Are they holding up the process and dragging it out, complicating every aspect of the process? You may be married to a problematic narcissist.

By definition, a narcissist is unable to compromise and empathize with others. They may seem unfazed when it comes to your best interests, or even the best interests of their own children. But there are more complex factors that drive the narcissist’s tendency to drag out divorce.

Some of the most common ones include:

Not Letting You Move On: A narcissistic spouse will do everything in their power to prevent you from moving on with your life. It may not be an intentional choice they are making, but narcissists are uncomfortable when it comes to letting you go. This can happen even if they were the one who originally asked for a divorce. They desire control and will actively work to possess it over you.

Narcissists will fight you every step of the way to maintain control and power over your situation. They may choose to work with aggressive attorneys who take actions to make your life more difficult. Making it hard for you to reach a mutually agreeable divorce settlement may be their primary goal, which can be extremely difficult to combat. These petty strategies are used against you as a way to keep you stressed out and unsure of what to do next.

Avoid Responsibility: For someone with narcissistic tendencies, one of the most difficult things to do is to take blame for the marriage not working out. They will actively work to pursue an image that they gave the marriage everything they had and that it was your actions that caused the relationship to come to an end. If they were to take ownership in the role they played in the ending of the marriage, they would be forced to acknowledge the shortcomings they brought to the marriage. To protect themselves from that shame, they will utilize bully tactics to drag out the divorce by blaming you for everything. Working with an experienced divorce attorney can help protect you against this type of behavior.

Revenge: The last thing a narcissistic spouse wants is to let you move on with you life, regardless of what position they are in. Knowing that you are able to move on without their influence can be unbearable for them. They crave your dependence and loyalty above all else. Without you, they will feel the need to act in an aggressive or jealous manner. This can make a simple divorce case quickly turn into a drawn out affair. Protect yourself by working with an experienced divorce attorney that advocates for your best interests.

Inability To Share: Narcissists are unable to share. Dealing with people like this, is similar to dealing with children that lack the ability to process their emotions. In many cases, spouses like this would rather prolong the process and waste money, than give you the freedom you deserve. This may also present itself in custody battles, where they ask for more rights or time than they even truly want. They desire the power that comes with being in control or granted rights that complicate your life.

Understanding how to handle your narcissist spouse, and coming to terms with the fact that they won’t change, will help you accept reality and move forward. Working with an experienced divorce attorney can save you time, money, and drama.

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