Can I Get A Divorce During The Pandemic?

Can I Get A Divorce During The Pandemic

As if the normal stresses of divorce weren’t enough, having to navigate divorce proceedings during a pandemic can be downright overwhelming. Social isolation has been difficult for families across the globe, but especially for those who are enduring difficulties at home. Unfortunately, many things are uncertain right now as businesses in all industries struggle to pay their employees’ salaries, our stock market fluctuates severely, and the real estate market is in an uncertain place. It may seem impossible to come to a divorce agreement at this time that is beneficial or sustainable for both or either party.


All of the confusion and uncertainty has left many people wondering, “Can I get a divorce during the pandemic?”


The simple answer is, yes.


However, many courts are closed or operating under strict COVID-19 guidelines, which may slow your divorce process down if you are in deep negotiations for your divorce agreement.


For couples that are looking for an amicable divorce and have similar ideas about the best way to divide their property and assets, a divorce during this pandemic does not have to be made complicated by the current circumstances. A divorce can be as simple as filing paperwork with the courts. The divorce attorneys at Renken Law Firm in Galveston, TX, can help to quickly get you the correct forms in order to begin the divorce process immediately. Texas requires 60 days after the initial divorce petition is filed before the divorce can be finalized.


Dawn Renken is a practicing family law attorney in Galveston, TX, that specializes in helping divorcing couples reach mutually beneficial agreements. In 2014, Attorney Renken became licensed through ADR Services International Inc., as a mediator. In the last 6 years, she has worked with many couples looking to divorce without public court appearances and back and forth litigation, by representing both parties as a neutral mediator. If you are interested in learning more about the divorce mediation appointment, contact our office. Our staff can help you to get an answer to all of your questions and set up a divorce consultation appointment to ask specific questions about your case. You don’t have to wait until after the pandemic to file for divorce, schedule your consultation today, and begin the process of divorce immediately.


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Renken Law Firm is here to help couples who wish to dissolve their marriage, whether that be through divorce or legal separation. We are here to help those who are ending marriages that have been contested, uncontested, or collaborative. We are fully prepared to help you navigate the specifics of your case. We proudly serve the Greater Houston area, including but not limited to Brazos County, Cypress, Fort Bend County, Galveston, Houston Heights, Houston, Humble, Katy, Kingwood, Memorial Houston, Montgomery County, Montrose, Richmond, Rosenberg, Spring, The Woodlands. All marriages are different, making each divorce equally unique with its own set of needs that must be addressed. Contact our law office to explore your options moving forward, and find out how we can help you.


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