Do I Have To Explain Why I Want A Divorce?

Do I Have To Explain Why I Want A Divorce

It may be hard to see any positives when you are having to file for divorce, but if you are filing for divorce in Texas, there are less rules and restrictions in this state than in many others. Texas is what is considered a “no -fault” state. This means, for those who are looking to file for divorce in the state of Texas, there will be no need to explain why or cite a cause for the divorce. However, just because you do not need to present a reason to the courts for why you would like a divorce, this does not mean citing cause is not helpful. For many Texans, their divorce ends due to a reason they believe goes against the agreement of their marriage. Whenever there is a fault for the breakup, it may influence how the court system rules in your divorce case.


This means, when it comes to deciding how to properly divide property or rights, a court may take into consideration the cause for the divorce in the first place. If the court sees the divorce is mostly due to the actions of one person, they may determine the person at-fault party is responsible for giving more to their spouse in the divorce agreement. For this reason, it is advised that even though it is not required, spouses include fault grounds in their petition for divorce. Working with the attorneys at Renken Law Firm in Galveston, TX can help you to come up with a solid case for your divorce.


Some of the most common factors that may lead to one party being considered at-fault in a divorce include:


Adultery: When one partner goes outside of the marriage and has a relationship with another person, while they are still married.


Cruel Treatment: Treatment that makes it too difficult to continue living together.


Abandonment: A partner’s absence for a minimum of one year, without the intent of returning or working to keep in contact.


Long-Term Incarceration: When one spouse is sentenced to jail for a period that exceeds one year.


If you are unsure of the best steps to take in your divorce, contact the team at Renken Law Firm today. We will go over your options moving forward and help you come to a solution for the best way to file your divorce.


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