How Do I Prepare for Mediation?

How Do I Prepare for Mediation

The decision to file for divorce is never a simple one to make. Once you have decided it is the best choice for you, choosing a method and preparing yourself for it will be critical in your success.  When choosing mediation as your divorce process, the following tips can help you to prepare:


Be On The Same Page: In order for divorce mediation to work, both parties must agree to mediate and work together in order to reach a solution. It is understandable that in situations where a divorce is necessary that there may be some animosity between both parties, however, if this is unable to be put to the side while working to find an amicable solution for divorce you may be unsuccessful. Both parties must agree to put their best foot forward and work hard to make the process work.


Collect Information: Before meeting with your mediator, it will be necessary for both parties to survey their needs in the divorce. They will want to prepare a list of all costs, assets, responsibilities, and more. If you feel one partner is not coming clean about all of their assets, you will want to present information that supports your claims in order to address them. However, dishonesty or lack of transparency will not mix well with mediation.


Go Into Mediation With A Plan: It is important, in order to be successful, for both parties to have an idea of what their personal goals are in the divorce agreement. When both parties clearly know what they are looking to achieve in their divorce, they are more equipped to find a middle ground between the two. We are prepared to help you reach a solution that works for both parties.


Working with a divorce mediator, such as Attorney Dawn Renken, can help you to protect your rights and property in a divorce. Even if you and your spouse are in total agreement about how you would like to divide property and rights, it is helpful to have a neutral third party weigh in to help ensure there will be no problems that arrive down the road. If you have any questions or concerns about how divorce mediation works, schedule a consultation with Dawn Renken today. Our team works hard to help you make the choices that are best for you and your family. Do not face this on your own, instead contact Renken Law Firm today to start your divorce process!


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