Same-Sex Divorce Attorney in Texas

Same-Sex Divorce Attorney in Texas

Working with a divorce attorney that has experience in same-sex divorce cases can make it easier for same-sex couples. At Renken Law Firm in Galveston, TX our attorneys are able to navigate this difficult time to help couples dissolve their marriage in any method they choose. This includes same-sex divorce mediation, same-sex contested divorced, and same-sex uncontested divorces. We work with our clients to ensure their needs are being met and they are treated with respect. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer or begin the process of divorce, contact our office today. We can get you the answers you are looking for while helping you get started as soon as possible.


Same-Sex Divorce Mediation in Texas: Divorce mediation is a private and personal method for divorce. Instead of leaving the final say up to a judge, mediation allows couples to come up with the terms of their divorce on their own. This method requires couples to work together in order to reach an amicable agreement that suits them both. If you are looking for a same-sex divorce mediator, Renken Law Firm can help you.


Same-Sex Contested Divorce: A contested divorce can be difficult to endure. Back and forth litigation and the inability to agree on important issues may make the divorce drag out. Working with an attorney who understands your specific needs can help make the process go smoothly. Schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys today to protect yourself during your contested divorce case. 


At Renken Law Firm in Galveston, TX, our team fights for families to ensure they are protecting themselves, their assets, and are promoting the best interest of any children that may be involved in the relationship. Our legal team is dedicated to getting the best results for you and your family. If you are currently looking to file a same-sex contested divorce or are going through one, contact Renken Law Firm. We will help you navigate this trying time and work closely to ensure you are not missing out on any major influencing factors that may lead to financial or family issues down the road. Schedule your consultation with our team today to start making steps towards finalizing your divorce. 


Divorce Attorney in Galveston 


Renken Law Firm is here to help couples who wish to dissolve their marriage, whether that be through divorce or legal separation. We are here to help those who are ending marriages that have been contested, uncontested, or collaborative. We are fully prepared to help you navigate the specifics of your case. We proudly serve the Greater Houston area, including but not limited to Brazos County, Cypress, Fort Bend County, Galveston, Houston Heights, Houston, Humble, Katy, Kingwood, Memorial Houston, Montgomery County, Montrose, Richmond, Rosenberg, Spring, The Woodlands. All marriages are different, making each divorce equally unique with its own set of needs that must be addressed. Contact our law office to explore your options moving forward, and find out how we can help you.



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