What Should You Not Do During A Custody Battle?

What Should You Not Do During A Custody Battle

Going through a divorce is never a pleasant process; however, divorces involving young children can be even more grueling for a family to endure. If you are currently going through the divorce process and foresee a custody battle up ahead, there will be many actions and behaviors you will want to avoid in order to leave the least negative impact on your family, and in order to be seen favorably by the court.


Divorce judges take several factors into consideration when it comes to assigning both the physical placement and legal custody of a child. It is the judges duty to always protect and promote the best interest of the children involved in any divorce case. Listed below are some tips for what you should not do during a custody battle:


Avoid Verbal Confrontation: This rule not only applies to verbal confrontations with your ex-spouse, but also with your children. It is important to remember that emotions can get out of hand quickly during a divorce, engaging in a verbal confrontation may lead you to act in ways that are not typically reflected in your personality. These days everyone has a smartphone, making it easier than ever to record phone calls, video record interactions, and provide documentation of text conversations. Emotionally charged outbursts from either side will not be seen favorably by a judge, making the avoidance of them critical during your divorce case.


Avoid Physical Confrontation: While physical confrontation should be avoided at all costs regardless of the status of your relationship, this point is only more emboldened during a divorce case. Physical altercations can result in immediate changes in custody and visitation if a court finds these claims to be substantiated. In many cases, the physical abuse of an ex-spouse or child will result in a restraining order, which will make it even more difficult to have a positive relationship with your child, or to co-parent with your ex-spouse.


Avoid Denying The Other Parent Their Time: In the beginning phases of separation it may be difficult to come to an agreement about dividing your child’s time between both parents. Working with your ex-spouse and allowing them a fair amount of time with your child will not only be good for your child, it also will be seen favorably by the judge in your divorce case. The only time this does not apply is if you fear for the safety or wellbeing of your child when they are with their other parent. In cases like this, you will need to act fast to get a temporary custody agreement from a judge.


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