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What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is an alternative divorcing method, for couples that are willing to work together to reach a divorce agreement. This process involves a neutral third party: the mediator. The mediator works to help both spouses negotiate and communicate while trying to make decisions about their future.

Divorce mediation is private, affordable, and allows both parties to have more control over the final decisions that are made in their divorce. Divorce mediation is successful when both parties are willing to put their emotions aside and work together to dissolve the marriage.

Family law attorney, Dawn Renken is a licensed mediator who can provide helpful legal advice throughout your divorce case. This includes resolving disputes, creating a child custody schedule, settling on child support payments, property divisions, and much more.


The Involvement of a Mediator in Negotiations

Couples tend not to consider divorce until communication and trust are deeply broken. Once a relationship has devolved to the point of separation, it’s unlikely that a couple can communicate effectively about their marriage’s dissolution. However, communication is necessary to divide the family’s assets and protect the well-being of any children. A divorce mediator is a neutral party who helps oversee and facilitate communication between spouses in the hopes of conducting productive proceedings.

Mediators make sure that divorcing spouses can communicate with one another without fear of interruption, blaming, name-calling, or misunderstanding. They provide an outline of the issues that need to be addressed and ensure that all are covered prior to the final agreement being drafted. Ultimately, this agreement is the result of thoughtful deliberation. Mediators provide guidance, access to legal information, and assistance in brainstorming for solutions when inevitable conflicts between spouses arise during the process.


Typical Mediation Sessions

Sessions are typically one or two hours long, although some mediators block out full or half-days to assist couples with their agreements from start to finish. The mediator helps develop an agenda for each meeting, and ensures that the spouses stick to it and communicate clearly and effectively with one another. Agenda items include custody questions, assets, debts, and any other concerns typical of divorce.


Divorce Proceedings Through a Mediator

After each agenda item is adequately addressed and a compromise is reached, the mediator drafts a divorce agreement, generally with the help of a lawyer – unless your mediator is a lawyer. The couple can then review it, either on their own or through an attorney. Papers are then filed in court and the process is brought to a quick close.


Affordable Divorce Mediation Lawyer

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