3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Divorce Case

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Divorce Case

The divorce process can be financially and emotionally draining even in the best of circumstances. Working with an experienced attorney can help save you time and money, while also ensuring you avoid making some of the biggest mistakes.

Listed below are 3 common divorce mistakes you do not want to make:

Failing to be transparent with your attorney

Why go to all the effort of hiring an attorney if you do not plan to be completely honest with them about the details of your divorce. Divorce attorneys have seen it all and are not here to judge the shortcomings of your marriage; they simply want to help you navigate the divorce process while advocating for your best interest. In order to do this, they will need you to openly share the details surrounding your marriage, personal life, professional life, financial specifics, and more.

We understand the divorce process is intrusive and emotionally draining, however, our goal is to ensure you are protected throughout the entire process and that your finalized divorce agreement reflects your needs.

Small details that may seem irrelevant to you may actually end up playing a larger role in the overall picture of your divorce than you believe. This is why our legal team asks for you to be open and honest from the beginning so we can help you get the best possible outcome in your divorce.

Keep it simple and be sure you are being open and honest sharing true accounts of events, financial records, and more.

Sharing person information on social media

One of the worst things you can choose to do while going through a divorce is air out all of your laundry on social media. Whether you are blowing off steam and talking negatively about your spouse or you are out celebrating your birthday with friends, it is best to keep your social media relatively inactive until your divorce case is completed. This is because divorce cases are very sensitive. You do not want your social media posts to be used against your character, especially in cases involving children.

In addition to social media, you will want to be mindful about any text messages, emails, and even conversations you have pertaining to your divorce or lifestyle choices. The best thing you can do is lay low and focus on yourself and any children you may have.

If you already have a history of text messages, emails, or social media posts that you believe may be used against you in your divorce case, let your attorney know right away. Giving them time to prepare for this situation will make it more simple to navigate it and leave you with a better outcome.

Incomplete financial records

Finances and record keeping is not something everyone excels in. In fact, in many marriages one spouse will take care of the finances on their own, which can be very difficult to overcome in a divorce. You will want to take a full assessment of your financial situation and begin gathering information as soon as possible. Every account you have ever shared, every large purchase you or your spouse have made while married, and all the information you have regarding individual accounts will play a role in your divorce.

If you fail to share all the information about your finances, even if it is an accident, this can reflect poorly on you in court. Do your very best to organize and record all financial statements and information that you can think of.

These are just 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Divorce Case, if you are looking for legal advice from a family law attorney call us today.

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