Filing A Divorce in Montgomery County Texas

Montgomery County TX Divorce Attorney

Are you looking for a family law firm to help you navigate your divorce case? Renken Law Firm is here to help you. We work with you to answer common questions, file divorce papers, and provide you with legal advice along the way to ensure you are protecting yourself.

Listed below are the types of divorce you can file in the state of Texas:

Uncontested Divorce in Montgomery County, TX: An uncontested divorce occurs when both divorcing parties are able to work things out to reach an amicable divorce agreement. This includes coming to an agreement on how their property should be divided, resolving financial difficulties, child custody, and more. While this type of divorce can be finalized quickly, it is still recommended both parties have an attorney review the agreement ahead of time to ensure they are not giving up their rights or overlooking important details. Our team will work with you to ensure you are protected and making the best choices for your family.

Mediated Divorce in Montgomery County, TX: Mediation is one of the most popular and affordable options for divorce in Texas. A neutral third party will work with both spouses to negotiate an agreement that serves them both. Mediation will cover all of the important matters you will need to work through and outlines a clear guide for how the divorce will look once it is finalized. This process, unlike with court room divorces, is completely private. The only people who know the terms of the divorce are both parties, the mediator, and eventually a judge when it is signed off. If you are interested in mediation, it is important that you and your spouse are able to work together constructively and leave volatile emotions out of the process. If your mediator does not believe it is possible for both parties to calmly resolve their divorce, they may choose to end the mediation process and suggest another form of divorce. Contact our law firm today to learn more about the mediation process and begin filing for your divorce.

Collaborative Law Divorce in Montgomery County, TX: This process is similar to a mediated divorce in the sense that there is an open negotiation that allows both parties to be heard. The difference is, both parties will have their own attorney, as well as a neutral party that helps to make the process as fair and amicable as possible. This neutral party can be a therapist, financial advisor, legal professional, or a combination of these. This process is also private, nothing discussed in the collaborative law divorce process can be used as evidence against the other party in a court as they are classified as confidential. If you are interested in exploring your options for collaborative divorce, reach out to the legal team at Renken Law Firm.

Contested Divorce in Montgomery County, TX: Also known as a litigated divorce, contested divorces require one member to file a divorce petition and “serve” the other spouse with the lawsuit. This filing process must be completed even if both parties want to divorce. A litigated divorce will require going through hearings, presenting evidence, and eventually a trial. Both parties will need an attorney to argue on their behalf in the court on matters involving property division, child custody, finances, and more. The court may choose to issue temporary orders if requested by a spouse during the divorce process, which may take months or more to complete.

This type of divorce is the most expensive and typically the most difficult. If you are going through a litigated divorce, it is important that you are working with an experienced attorney that is invested in your success. Working with Dawn Renken will help you to navigate this difficult process and get the best results in your case. Reach out to our law firm today to learn more about how you can protect yourself throughout this difficult process.


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