What Are The Texas Requirements For Divorce?

What Are The Texas Requirements For Divorce

Texas Residency Requirements For Divorce

If you are looking to file for a divorce in the state of Texas, there are some residency requirements you must meet in order to do so. To file for a divorce in Texas, one spouse must be a current Texas resident, for a minimum of six months leading up to filing for divorce. Additionally, either spouse must have specifically resided in the country in which the petition is filed for the prior 90 days.


In order for the court to choose to exercise personal jurisdiction over a non-resident of Texas defendant the couple’s last official marital residence must have been in the state of Texas. Beyond this, the divorce suit must be filed before two years have passed from the second the date on which marital residence ended.


If only one spouse has resided in Texas for the last six months and wishes to file for divorce from their spouse who lives outside of the state of Texas, they can do this. In fact, as long as one spouse meets these Texas residency requirements for divorce, either can file in that country.


Military Personnel Filing For Divorce

If you are a Texas resident who is stationed outside of the state of Texas while serving in the armed forces, you may still be considered a Texas resident. If you are a member of the armed forces, who has not previously resided in the state of Texas, but have spent time stationed at a minimum of one military installation in Texas, for at least six months and in the same county of Texas for the prior 90 days, you are eligible to get a divorce in the state of Texas. If you are unsure about your resident status in Texas, contact us today.


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Houston Texas Divorce Professionals

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