A Private and Cost-Effective Approach to Divorce

A Private and Cost-Effective Approach to Divorce

Even in the best scenarios, getting a divorce can be difficult. These days, many couples are choosing divorce mediation instead of going to court for a traditional divorce. Mediation can be a good option because it has a lot of benefits. It keeps things private, doesn’t cost as much money, and gives you a chance to have a say in how things happen. If you’re thinking about doing divorce mediation, it’s helpful to work with someone who knows what they’re doing, like Dawn Renken, who is a mediator and divorce lawyer.

Listed below are some ways you can work to make the mediation process easier:

Remove Emotion

When you do mediation, both people have to agree to work together and find solutions for their divorce. It’s important to talk to each other in a respectful way. Try not to blame or accuse each other, and use words that are fair to both people. If you are angry or only care about what you want, it can make mediation more difficult. So, it’s good to practice talking without emotion and being open to suggestions from the mediator. The mediator will help if one person is being overbearing or asking for things that aren’t fair. But if the mediator can’t make things fair, you might need to try another method to finalize your divorce.

Get the Right Papers

Before your mediation appointment, gather all the necessary paperwork regarding your money, property, and kids. These papers can help with the discussions and make it easier to agree on things. Here are some examples of papers you might need:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Prenuptial agreement
  • Proof of income
  • A list of things you own, like money in the bank, retirement accounts, and investments
  • A list of all the debts you have
  • Any other papers you think might be helpful

Having these papers ready will make it easier to talk and find agreements.

Decide What You Want

Both people need to know what they want before doing mediation. Start by making a list of what you would like to happen in your divorce. Then make a list of things that you could accept even if they’re not exactly what you want. And finally, think about things that you absolutely cannot accept. It’s important to know these things so you can talk about them during mediation. If you’re not sure what can happen in mediation, don’t be afraid to ask your mediator questions.

Think About Your Kids

If you have kids, it’s important to think about what’s best for them. Kids can be strong, but they need help and support during a divorce. This might mean making tough choices about where the kids will live and when they will see each parent. You also need to think about money and how to support your kids financially. Always remember to think about what’s best for your kids and try to make good decisions. There are classes you can take to learn more about divorcing with kids, and we can help you find one.

Divorce mediation can help you solve problems without fighting, keep things private, and decide how your divorce will happen. If you follow these steps and work with someone like Dawn Renken, who is an experienced divorce mediator, you can go through the divorce process smoothly and agree on things that are good for both parties.

What Goes in a Marital Settlement Agreement?

Depending on where you live or whom you talk to, you may hear different names for the settlement agreements that couples reach in divorces. Along with the most common—marital settlement agreement (MSA)—these other names include:

  • divorce agreement
  • divorce settlement agreement
  • settlement agreement
  • property settlement agreement
  • marriage settlement agreement, and
  • marital divorce agreement.
  • In the end, all these names mean the same thing: a written document that details how a couple has agreed to handle all of the issues that must be addressed when they get divorced, including:,
  • how they will divide their marital property and debts
  • alimony (sometimes called spousal maintenance or spousal support), and
  • child custody, visitation (or parenting time), and child support (if they have minor or dependent children).

An MSA usually also has other provisions (“terms”) that detail how the couple will handle possible future events. For instance, spouses might agree that they will at least try mediation if they have any disputes in the future.

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