Divorce Mediation in Cypress TX

Divorce Mediation in Cypress TX

Why Should I Avoid Litigation in My Divorce?

In some cases, when it comes to divorce, litigation may be unavoidable. However, there are many reasons you will want to avoid litigation if possible. Listed below are the main reasons you should avoid litigation in  your divorce if possible:


Affordability: Divorces can become financially straining for both parties involved. Paying legal fees for two separate attorneys can become costly quickly. Mediation is a less expensive alternative to going to court. This is because when you hire a mediator not only will their cost be significantly less, it is also typically shared between both spouses. Additionally, the turnaround time is typically much less expensive.


Privacy: Whenever you have a litigated divorce in a courtroom, all proceedings and information that is shared will be considered public knowledge. This means your personal information will be accessible and can even be used against you in the future. When you choose mediation the only people who have any knowledge of the details of your divorce agreement are you, your spouse, and the mediator you have selected to be a neutral third party.


Timeframe: Litigated divorces are indirect and can require months of back and forth negotiating in order to reach an agreement both parties can agree on. This can drive the costs of divorce up as well as drag them out. Whenever you choose mediation, you are able to work in a more direct way to reach an agreement, significantly shaving down the timeframe of divorce.


Final Judgement: In litigated divorces, the final terms of the divorce will be settled by a judge. This can lead to both parties feeling cheated or unheard. Whenever you handle your divorce through mediation, both parties have a say in the final agreements. Nothing is finalized until both parties agree to sign the negotiated specifics of their divorce.


When it comes to divorce mediation in Cypress, TX, attorney Dawn Renken has got you covered. Not only is she a practicing family law attorney, she also is a licensed mediator through ADR Services International Inc. Attorney Renken has been working as a mediator for couples looking for an alternative to public courtroom divorces since 2014. If you are looking to skip the long back and forth negotiations and have more control over the outcome of your divorce, mediation may be the right option for you. Contact Renken Law Firm today to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you reach resolution in your divorce case today.


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