How To Prepare For Divorce Mediation

How To Prepare For Divorce Mediation

Many divorcing couples are choosing to have their divorce privately mediated instead of litigated in court rooms. There are many benefits to having your divorce mediated, including the privacy, overall cost, and ability to make your own divorce terms. If you are considering divorce mediation in your case, working with an experienced mediator and divorce attorney, such as Dawn Renken, can help make your case go smoothly. Listed below are some steps you can take to prepare for successful divorce mediation:


    Prepare Your Communication: In order for mediation to work both parties must be committed to working together to find solutions in their divorce case. This means the language you use should not be accusatory, the tone you speak in should be neutral, and the points you wish to express will need to represent the interests of both parties. If you come into mediation with high emotional stress, an aggressive tone, or looking to only represent your own desires, mediation will have a much lower chance of success. This is why it is important to prepare your communication ahead of time and be open to suggestions for your mediator. If at any time the mediator feels one party is overriding the other, either with aggression or unfair requests, the mediator will try to bring the appointment back into neutral territory. If the mediator is unable to do this, other divorce methods will need to be explored.


    Bring Appropriate Paperwork: When you are trying to decide which documents are most important to bring with you to your mediation appointment you will want to gather anything pertaining to your property, finances, or children. Listed below are some of the most important forms you should bring for your divorce mediation case in Houston:

Certified copy of the marriage certificate

A copy of your prenuptial agreement, if one exists

Recent pay stubs or proof of income

Previous W2 and/or 1099’s

A list of assets including checking, savings, retirement accounts, investments

A list of debts from individual and shared accounts

Any previous court filings pertaining to the marriage

Any other documents you feel would be helpful for the mediation process.


    Set Goals For Mediation: If you don’t know where you are going how will you know when you get there? With divorce mediation it is important for both parties to have a clear idea of what they wish to achieve out of the divorce. Start by creating a list of what your ideal divorce terms look like, then make a list of your acceptable divorce terms, and finally figure out what is most unacceptable to you. While you will need to be open to compromise in order for divorce mediation to work, having a clear understanding of your own goals and what matters most to you will be a very helpful tool in your divorce case. If you are unsure what sort of goals can be reached in divorce mediation, speak with your mediator and ask them any questions you may have in relation to your specific case.


Think About What Is Best For Your Children: In any divorce case involving children the top priority should always be to do what is best for them. While children are resilient and can adapt to new environments and situations, it is important that they are given the tools they need to succeed. This may require some difficult sacrifices between parents to determine the best choices when it comes to custody, visitation, financial support, and more. Always consider their needs first and be willing to look at your case objectively in order to do what is best. Taking classes for how to handle divorce with children is an excellent place to begin. We can help you find a program that fits your needs.


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