Is Divorce Mediation Quick?

Is Divorce Mediation Quick?

There are many reasons for divorcing couples to choose mediation over traditional courtroom divorces. One of the reasons being that mediated divorces are often handled much quicker than ones that go to court and require back and forth negotiations between both sides. It is however important to note that no divorce in the state of Texas can be finalized in less than 61 days. So even if your divorce is mediated and you have all of the details worked out, you will still be required to wait 61 days after your initial divorce petition is filed in order to be divorced. 


Working with a divorce mediator helps you to quickly work with your separated spouse in order to come up with the terms of your divorce. Unlike in courtroom divorces where judges have the final say in the division of assets, property, rights, and debts, the mediation process leaves all of the decision making up to the two people who are being divorced. Your mediator will serve as a neutral third party to help ensure the divorce is fair, that both parties are being heard, and that no one is intimidating the other party into agreeing to their divorce terms. Nothing is finalized until both parties sign the agreement. 


Another common reason for divorce mediation is that it offers more privacy for the divorcing couple than any other form of divorce. In divorces that go to court, everything that is said or submitted for evidence in the divorce case is subject to public knowledge. This can include everything from finances to personal matters such as infidelity. Many couples choose mediation as a way to preserve their privacy and protect their family from dealing with repercussions to the details that may be released. 


Dawn Renken is a practicing family law attorney who specializes in divorce cases throughout the Greater Houston area. In 2014, Attorney Renken received her mediation license through ADR Services International Inc. Since this time, she has worked with a wide range of couples looking to divorce without public court appearances and back and forth litigation, by representing both parties as a neutral mediator. Mediation is not finalized until both parties formally accept the agreement the mediator helps them come to. In the case that one or both parties do not agree to the terms of the agreement, the mediation will end and they will need to pursue litigation.


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