What Are The Benefits To Having A Divorce Mediator?

What Are The Benefits To Having A Divorce Mediator

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is an alternative route spouses can take when dissolving their marriage. Mediation offers a way to resolve conflicts and disputes between married couples with the assistance of a neutral third party, the mediator. The mediator helps both parties to protect their best interests while working together to find a divorce agreement that works for all parties. There are many benefits to choosing divorce mediation, including:


Mediation Is Private: When couples choose a traditional method for divorce, their case will be documented and available to the public. This means, anyone can sit in the court and listen to the intimate details of your marriage and divorce case. This can be less than ideal for anyone, but especially for couples who wish to protect their privacy. Mediation offers a totally private solution in divorce cases. All discussions and details surrounding the divorce will be considered privileged and confidential. This allows couples to openly confide in their mediator without fear of their personal information being public.


Protect Your Children’s Best Interest: When a couple with children chooses to divorce, the process can be very stressful for the children. In some cases, the children may even be asked to stand in family court and answer questions, such as, “Who do you want to live with?” While sometimes this may be unavoidable, when possible, keeping the children in a divorce shielded from court proceedings is best. Take advantage of the privacy of mediation and protect your children’s best interest with divorce mediation.


Less Stress: While it would be a stretch to say any divorce is stress-free, a mediated divorce certainly helps to ease the stresses involved. This is because a mediator will handle the entire case, there will not be long litigation battles going back and forth between lawyers. Instead, your mediator will handle all matters for both spouses, remaining neutral and fair to both parties. You will work together with your spouse and mediator, to find a harmonious long term solution that benefits everyone.


If you are looking to divorce your spouse in a private, affordable, and comfortable fashion, consider divorce mediation. Attorney Dawn Renken is a certified divorce mediation attorney, and has several years of experience helping couples reach divorce agreements that fit their unique needs. If you have any questions or concerns about the divorce process, or are unsure if divorce mediation is right for you, contact the Renken Law Firm today!


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