How Can I Strengthen My Case For Custody

How Can I Strengthen My Case For Custody

One of the most common questions divorcing parents ask is: How Can I Strengthen My Case For Custody?

Child custody can be a very sensitive subject for families to take on. Not only are the emotions of both parents on the line, the welfare of any child involved is also.

You may feel frustrated and unsure of how to go about proving that you are the better suited parent for custody. It is important that you navigate this situation delicately, involving your children as minimally as possible.

Working with an experienced family law attorney can help you to make a strong case for why you are the parent that should be awarded custody. Attorney Dawn Renken is familiar with child custody cases in Texas and can provide your with the information and guidance you will need to make the most informed choices for your child.

Understand the ‘Better Parent’ Standard

A lot of parents go into a child custody hearing with the intention of seeking sole custody. For some parents, this is because they believe that the other parent is “unfit” to raise their child. Others would prefer to have sole custody for other reasons.

However, any parent hoping to win child custody should realize that there is a higher burden of proof for the parent seeking sole custody. Factors that play a role in this decision:

Courts don’t want to interfere in parent/child relationships: Most judges are reluctant to prevent either parent from having a relationship with their child because the implication is that both parents, together, are best able to care for a child.

One parent must be established as a better parent: To award sole custody, the courts have to establish one parent as the ‘better parent,’ which can be difficult to do, particularly if both parents have been involved up until this point.

The burden of proof is on you: As a result, any parent seeking sole custody has to prove that he or she is best able to care for a child, with or without the assistance of the other parent.

From a judge’s standpoint, parents should not be “trashing” one another during a child custody hearing. Instead, the parent seeking sole custody should focus on proving that he or she is the better parent without attacking his or her counterpart.

Prove You’re the Better Parent

Parents seeking sole custody should focus on the following factors to support a sole custody petition:

  • The physical well-being of the child: For example, focus on your child’s routine, sleeping habits, eating schedule, and after-school activities. Judges tend to notice parents who encourage a healthy lifestyle.
  • The psychological well-being of the child: For example, making sure that the child has access to liberal visitation with the other parent. Judges tend to favor parents who openly support the child’s ongoing relationship with the other parent.

If you are still wondering, “How Can I Strengthen My Case For Custody?” Set up a consultation with our legal team. We will work with you to tackle your custody issue and support the best interests of the child.


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