Tips For Handling Child During The Holidays

Tips For Handling Child During The Holidays

The holidays are a welcomed break from our usual schedule. This time of the year gives us a reason to spend more time with family and can be a time full of excitement and joy. Unfortunately, just as they can be a time that brings great excitement and joy- they also have the potential to be stressful. For many people, especially those with shared custody of their children, this time of the year can come with its own set of unique challenges. Make sure to remember to put the needs of your children first this season and spend a little extra time planning and preparing for the holidays. Listed below are some tips for parents to keep in mind for handling child custody during the holidays:


Plan Your Schedule In Advance: While this rule is applicable at all times of the year, it is especially good for both parents to be communicative and plan their child’s schedule in advance around the holidays. There are many different ways parents can decide where their child will spend holidays, some of the most common options for parents sharing custody are:


Alternating Custody Annually: Meaning if you have your child for Christmas this year, your partner will get custody of the child next Christmas. Some parents also find trading holidays to be the best solution for their families. Meaning, on Thanksgiving the child would be with parent 1 and on Christmas the child would be with parent 2.


Split The Holiday: For some families, especially those where both parents live in close proximity to each other, splitting the holiday period between two places may be the best solution. If both parents can agree to a schedule that allows this, and the child is not being strained, this can be a good solution.


Spend The Holiday Together: In cases where it is viable for both parties to spend the holiday together in an amicable and healthy way, spending the holiday together can be a simple solution for figuring out how your child will spend the holidays.


Put Your Children First: This is a rule that should be followed year round by both parties, under all circumstances. The holiday season is about creating wonderful memories with those you love and spending quality time together. Make sure you are doing everything you can to make your child’s holiday season full of joy.


Be Flexible: Custody issues can be complicated and difficult, especially in the case of couples who ended their relationship on rough terms. Working with the other parent to be flexible and do what is best for your child or children, is the best way to make your child feel safe and secure this holiday season.


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