What Rights Do A Conservator Of A Child Have

What Rights Do A Conservator Of A Child Have

What does it mean to be a conservator of a child?

In the state of Texas, courts will use the term conservator to describe the person is appointed as a guardian of a minor. When a court declares someone as the conservator of a minor, they will be legally responsible for the care and custody of the child. This term can also be used in cases where someone of age has been recognized by the courts as unable to care for themselves. In the state of Texas, parents can be considered conservators, as well as other adults in the case of the minor’s parents being absent, deceased, incarcerated, or otherwise unfit or unable to fulfill the legal duties that come with custody of a minor.


Rights of A Sole Conservator in the State of Texas

In cases where one parent or guardian is granted a sole managing conservator role, they will be given exclusive rights to make decisions for the minor involved. In the state of Texas, the sole managing conservator will be granted all of the following exclusive rights and responsibilities of the child or children in their case, including but not limited to:


-The choice of primary residence for the child

-The right to consent to medical treatment for the child, including dental and psychological treatment

-The right to choose how child support is spent on child

-The right to represent the child in cases of substantial legal significance

-The right to choose where your child attends school and the type of education they receive


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