Is A Divorce Mediator A Lawyer?

Is A Divorce Mediator A Lawyer

When discussing mediation, especially for divorce, many questions may come to mind. Is mediation more affordable? Is divorce mediation private? Is a divorce mediator a lawyer? In this blog we will answer all of these questions, with the ultimate goal of helping you to understand if mediation is right for you and your family.


Is Divorce Mediation More Affordable?

When you compare the costs of a mediated divorce to that of a litigated divorce, in nearly every instance a mediated divorce will be more affordable. This is due to two main reasons. With a mediated divorce, you will not be required to hire the services of two separate attorneys for your case. Instead, you and your spouse will work together with a single divorce mediator to find an amicable agreement for all aspects of your divorce agreement, from custody to division of property. The mediator will act as a neutral third party, assisting you in finding long term solutions that work in the favor of both parties. If this sounds like a reasonable way for you and your partner to work through your divorce case, contact Renken Law Firm today. Our team is currently offering telecommunication services to help you begin the process of divorce.


Is Divorce Mediation Private?

For those who value privacy, divorce mediation may be your best option. In litigated divorces that take place in a courtroom, all information that is shared becomes public knowledge. This means, anything that is said or agreed upon during this process can be called on or used in future legal cases. If you are looking for privacy when coming to a divorce agreement, the dedicated professionals at Renken Law Firm are here to help you. Whenever you come to us for a mediated divorce, the only people who will know the specifics of your case are you, your spouse, and the mediator. All discussions will remain private and no terms will be finalized until agreed on by all parties.


Is A Divorce Mediator A Lawyer?

The simple answer to this is, in order to mediate a divorce, someone does not have to have a family law background. However, there is no one more qualified to help you through the divorce mediation process than an attorney who specializes in divorce. This is because they have the insider information and experience to help guide you through this complex process. They are able to ensure no stone is left unturned and that the agreement you reach works not only for your current situation but also for your long term happiness and success. Contact Renken Law Firm today to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you!


Galveston TX Divorce Mediation

Renken Law Firm is here to help couples who wish to dissolve their marriage, whether that be through divorce or legal separation. We are here to help those who are ending marriages that have been contested, uncontested, or collaborative. We are fully prepared to help you navigate the specifics of your case. All marriages are different, making each divorce equally unique with its own set of needs that must be addressed. Contact our law office to explore your options moving forward, and find out how we can help you.



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