Coronavirus Related Layoffs Trigger Child Support Modifications

Coronavirus Related Layoffs Trigger Child Support Modifications

The impact the Coronavirus has had on our lives is unprecedented. Beyond the actual illness itself, the social response we have taken in attempts to prevent further spreading of the virus has left many without work. In these trying times, we are doing the best we can to pick up the pieces and continue living our lives. There is much uncertainty as we tread along towards the future, discovering how to maintain our obligations and care for ourselves and others. If you have experienced a change in your work schedule or have been laid off, due to Coronavirus, you may be wondering how you will be able to pay your bills, including child support. At Renken Law Firm, we are here to help those facing Coronavirus related layoffs that trigger the need for child support modifications.


The health and wellness of our clients is our top priority. We are offering all of our legal services through safe telecommunication in order to follow and respect all social distancing boundaries put in place by our government. Our services have been made convenient so that you are able to get the top legal services in Houston from the comfort of your home.Our team can help you sort through and negotiate the specifics of your child support obligations and work to find solutions for your current financial situation, without you needing to come into the office. If you are looking to make an amendment or modification to your current child support agreement, while also doing your part to stay home and limit your social contact, Renken Law Firm can help! Once regular social gatherings have resumed, online divorce legal services will still be available for those with busy lives looking to take care of their needs without changing their schedule. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get through this difficult time and make the changes needed to your child support agreement.


In legal cases involving a child, especially in modification of custody or child support cases, Texas Courts will always work to protect and promote the best interest of the child or children involved in the case, above all else. This is a broad guiding principle used to determine all orders with an impact on the children. Courts are much less concerned about what a parent wants or needs in their divorce or custody agreement, putting their primary focus on what benefits the children in the case. Do not face this difficult time on your own, instead contact Renken Law Firm today.


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