Do I Need To Bring My Taxes to My Divorce Attorney?

Do I Need To Bring My Taxes to My Divorce Attorney

When meeting with your divorce attorney you will want to bring all documents that pertain to your individual or joint finances. So if you are asking, “Do I Need To Bring My Taxes to My Divorce Attorney?” The answer is, absolutely yes. Bring your income tax returns and all other financial information when you meet with your family law attorney. Read the following to learn more about the documents you should bring to your attorney when taking legal action to file for divorce:

Documents Related to Income

  • Your paycheck stubs from all sources of employment over the last year. If you are self-employed, provide income tax returns and any tax forms or business forms related to self-reported income. This should include documentation from any business you or your spouse held an interest in over the past three years.
  • Your spouse’s paycheck stubs for the same period of time. Those check stubs will often show year-to-date earnings and deductions.
  • Documentation regarding business expenses if either you or your spouse is self-employed. These may include check registers, bank statements, canceled checks, payment receipts, financial statements, and profit and loss statements.
  • At a minimum, copies of your joint or individual tax returns, both state and federal, for the past three to five years.
  • If you or your spouse work for cash, copies of check ledgers that will show any expenses paid during the marriage.
  • A copy of any financial statements or statements of net worth prepared by you or your spouse for the purpose of securing bank loans or for any other purpose.
  • Any other information that will establish your net worth, your spouse’s net worth, your joint net worth, your income, and your spouse’s income.

Documents Related to Real Estate

  • Any documents showing the legal description of any real estate owned together or separately. These can be obtained from your mortgage company or bank.
  • Your current mortgage statements on any mortgages you have on real estate property.
  • All documents pertaining to the initial purchase of the real estate.
  • If the real estate has been refinanced, all documents pertaining to the refinance.
  • Tax assessor’s statement(s) pertaining to any and all real estate.

Documents Related to Joint Financial Accounts

  • Savings passbooks and savings certificates of individual or joint accounts held individually or jointly by you and your spouse.
  • Any and all bank statements for the past three years from any account in your name or held jointly with your spouse.
  • Statements from investment accounts you two hold jointly and separately.

Documents Related to Life Insurance

  • Statements regarding life insurance policies on your life, your spouse’s life, or on your children, whether it is an individual policy or a policy through your employer. This includes any documents indicating a cash balance or loans against the policies.

Documents Related to Marital Debts

  • An itemized list of any outstanding, unsecured debts including credit cards, medical bills, and any other loans in your name or your spouse’s name.

Documents Related to Pension Funds

  • A copy of recent statements for pension funds, retirement funds, 401(k) plans, mutual funds, or IRAs.

Do I Need To Bring My Taxes to My Divorce Attorney?

The simple answer is yes, you need to bring your tax documents and all other listed documents to your divorce attorney in order for them to correctly assess your current situation before filing for a divorce. If you do not have access to all of these documents, let your attorney know which ones you are missing. Schedule your divorce consultation with a member of our law firm today to start tor process of dissolving your marriage in Texas.

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