How Is Divorce Different in Texas?

How Is Divorce Different in Texas

Texas is a fiercely independent state that has no problem doing things differently than the rest of the country. While the divorce process is similar in every state, there are some uncommon and unique aspects to a Texas divorce that are important to know about before filing for divorce. Working with an experienced divorce attorney can help you to navigate the specific laws and regulations that apply to Texas divorce.

Listed below are 3 ways divorce is different in Texas that you need to know about before drafting divorce papers:

Grounds for Divorce in Texas

Texas is a no-grounds for divorce state. This means either party of a marriage is able to file for divorce without needing to give a specific cause and that neither party will be responsible for the marriage not working out. Additionally, Texas also offers six at-fault grounds for divorce including adultery, cruelty, felony conviction, abandonment, living separately, and confinement in a mental hospital.

At-Fault Divorces in Texas

In Texas, the at-fault options for filing for divorce can greatly impact the division of property, alimony owed, and more. In many states, factors such as adultery would have no impact on the way a couple’s marital estate is divided. In Texas, those who are proven to be adulterous may be penalized for this when a court makes its final decision. This can incentivize someone to file an at-fault divorce when they are ready to leave the marriage.

Community Property in Texas

Texas is one of the few states that divides property following community property guidelines. Community property is a term to describe all of the assets and debts that have been collected throughout the marriage. This means, marriages with one income is considered to have been owned equally by both spouses. Many other states follow a different method for determining how to divide property.

These are three of the main ways divorce is different in Texas.

Even when both parties are in agreement about getting a divorce, speaking to an experienced divorce attorney can be beneficial. These professionals are familiar with the laws involving divorce and can help you to consider all important factors that you may be overlooking.

Why Work With Renken Law Firm?

At Renken Law Firm in Houston, our team of experienced divorce attorneys help you to find divorce solutions for your unique situation. We understand each marriage and divorce case is different. This is why we work closely with our clients to ensure their specific needs are being met.

Having an experienced divorce attorney on your side can help you reach a divorce settlement that fits the needs of you and your family. Our divorce attorneys will represent you by being your ally and advocating for you throughout the entire divorce process.

We offer mediation services for those who are interested in working together to create a divorce agreement that serves both parties. This can be a more affordable and private option for divorce that gives the control to the divorcing parties.

At Renken Law Firm we focus our efforts to ensure every client we work with is able to come to a divorce settlement with their spouse that represents their needs. No matter how you file, our team of divorce specialists are here to help you. Call our office today.


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