What Are The Grounds For Divorce in Houston?

What Are The Grounds For Divorce in Houston

The state of Texas is what is considered a “no -fault” state. This means, in order to file for a divorce in Texas, you do not have to sight a specific reason or cause for wanting the divorce. However, if one spouse has done something that places them at fault for the breakup, this may be taken into consideration by the court. Meaning, when determining how to divide property following a marriage, the court may see the person at-fault responsible for giving more to the other spouse. For this reason, it is advised that even though it is not required, spouses include fault grounds in their petition for divorce.


Listed below are the statutory grounds for which an at fault divorce can be filed:


Adultery: When one partner goes outside of the marriage and has a relationship with another person, while they are still married.


Cruel Treatment: Treatment that makes it too difficult to continue living together.


Abandonment: A partner’s absence for a minimum of one year, without the intent of returning or working to keep in contact.


Long-Term Incarceration: When one spouse is sentenced to jail for a period that exceeds one year.


Confinement To A Mental Hospital: If one partner has spent at least three years in a mental hospital, this is a statutory ground for an at-fault divorce.


Living Apart: If you and your spouse have lived apart for at least years the courts recognize this as an at-fault reason for divorce.


If you are unsure how you should file your divorce, contact us today. We will go over your options moving forward and help you come to a solution for the best way to file your divorce. Whether it is an at-fault divorce, or simply just a marriage that does not meet your lifestyle needs, our legal team can help.


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