Who Pays Child Support in Houston Divorces

Who Pays Child Support in Houston

For most people, going through a divorce can be extremely stressful and trying on all parties involved. Unfortunately for some families, divorces can be made especially complex in situations where children are involved. This is why working with experienced and knowledgeable family law attorneys, such as the ones at Renken Law Firm, can be so beneficial for those who are trying to find the healthiest resolution for their family. We work to ensure the needs of your children are a top priority and that you and your spouse are able to reach a divorce agreement that fits the long term needs of your family. If you are currently considering divorce, or are unsure of your options moving forward, contact Renken Law Firm today. We can help you understand your options, so that you can make the best choices for you and your family.


How Is Custody Decided in Texas?

Most often, when dealing with which parent will gain majority or total custody of a child, Texas courts will take many factors into account. Everything from which parent is most financially stable to which parent spent more time feeding and caring for a child will be taken into account. Whichever parent has spent the majority time caring for the child’s physical and emotional needs will most often be granted the title of primary conservator of the child. This does not eliminate the other parents role or rights in raising a child, it just allows the primary conservator of the child ultimately set the tone for the child’s care. In some cases, one parent will be granted sole custody of a child which will make for different parameters when choosing what is in the best choice of the child.


Who Is Responsible For Paying Child Support in Texas?

When deciding who is responsible for paying child support in Texas, courts will look at who has more physical custody of a child. What this translates to is, if spouse 1 spends more physical time with a child, spouse 2 will be responsible for paying child support. While courts have the ability to order either, or one parent to support a child- in most cases the parent who does not have the primary custody will be responsible for paying child support for their child or children.


When Texas courts are trying to determine how much a parent will have to pay in custody each month for their child, it will be decided on a percentage. It is possible for parents to come to the conclusion on their own that the non-custodial parent should pay more than the percentage set into place by the courts, it is not considered legal for them to agree between themselves to pay less than this percentage. If you are currently going through or considering filing for a divorce in the state of Texas, contact Renken Law Firm to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you get solutions that work for your needs.


Houston Child Custody Attorneys

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