Affordable Divorce Mediator Houston Heights

Affordable Divorce Mediator Houston Heights

Divorces can be extremely stressful and are often times considered one of the most emotionally and financially straining processes a family or individual can endure. At Renken Law Firm we help families find affordable and amicable solutions for divorce. One of the easiest ways to cut back on costs and emotionally taxing circumstances is by forgoing a traditional divorce and instead turning to divorce mediation. At Renken Law Firm, we understand how hard it can be to go from sharing every aspect of your life- including finances, to figuring out how to fairly divide assets and debt. you. We understand your situation is unique and will come with its own set of needs. Let us help you sit down and negotiate your needs in a comfortable setting to find a divorce agreement that works for your long term needs. Contact our legal office today to learn more about how we can help you reach an agreement in your case that works for your family.


Many people find traditional divorce interferes with their lifestyle and is not in the best interest of either party. Courtroom divorces involve lengthy drawn out court appearances and legal fees and offer no privacy. This is because everything that is said or done in a courtroom is accessible to the public. For couples who choose mediation they are given more privacy and more direct communication when working towards a fair divorce agreement. This alternative route for divorce helps couples who are looking to reach an amicable agreement in their divorce sort through matters including but not limited to property division, finances, child custody, debt distribution, and more. Whenever you choose to have a mediated divorce, the agreements you come to will be private between both spouses and a neutral third party who acts as the mediator. The mediator will be responsible for ensuring the agreement the couple reaches is fair and mutually beneficial.


Dawn Renken is a practicing family law attorney who specializes in divorce cases throughout the Greater Houston area. In 2014, Attorney Renken received her mediation license through ADR Services International Inc. Since this time, she has worked with a wide range of couples looking to divorce without public court appearances and back and forth litigation, by representing both parties as a neutral mediator. Mediation is not finalized until both parties formally accept the agreement the mediator helps them come to. In the case that one or both parties do not agree to the terms of the agreement, the mediation will end and they will need to pursue litigation.


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Renken Law Firm is here to help couples who wish to dissolve their marriage, whether that be through divorce or legal separation. We are here to help those who are ending marriages that have been contested, uncontested, or collaborative. We are fully prepared to help you navigate the specifics of your case. All marriages are different, making each divorce equally unique with its own set of needs that must be addressed. Contact our law office to explore your options moving forward, and find out how we can help you.


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