Common Questions About Divorce in Texas

Common Questions About Mediated Divorce in Texas

Now more than ever before, couples are looking for alternatives to traditional divorce to dissolve their marriage. There are many reasons that a mediated divorce may be better for your family. Dawn Renken is a practicing family law attorney and a licensed mediator that can help your family reach a fair and amicable divorce agreement. Listed below are some of the most common questions about mediated divorce in Texas:


Are Mediated Divorces Private? 

Traditional divorces that are carried out in courtrooms in front of a judge, attorneys, and any one else that is present. Not only will all of these people know the details of your divorce, the specifics of your case will also become public knowledge. If you choose to have your divorce mediated, the only person who will know the divorce arrangement you and your spouse agree to, outside of you both, is the mediator you hire to act as a neutral third party. If you are looking to divorce your spouse in a private and amicable fashion, contact Renken Law Firm today!


Are Mediated Divorces Expensive?

Generally speaking, the overall cost of a divorce is lower in cases where a mediator is used to reach the final agreement. This is because there will not be the need to hire two separate attorneys and negotiations will be more direct. By having more direct communication in your divorce you will work quicker to reach an agreement, meaning less time will be used working with a professional who may charge an hourly rate.


Are Mediated Divorces Quicker?

In most cases a mediated divorce will make the time it takes to reach a divorce agreement quicker than in cases where litigation is involved. In that state of Texas a divorce takes a minimum of 61 days to be completed once the initial petition is filed. If you are looking to skip the back and forth, drawn out legal battle, mediation may be right for you. However, divorce mediation only works in cases where both partners are willing to work together to reach an amicable agreement.


Is Divorce Mediation For Me?

In cases where emotions and tensions are high, divorce mediation may not be the right solution for you. Dawn Renken is a practicing family law attorney and can help you reach a resolution in your divorce case no matter what the specifics of your financial or family situation are. Contact Renken Law Firm today to learn more about the divorce services we offer and how we can help your family.


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