Mediation For Child Support and Custody

Mediation For Child Support and Custody

Often times, when married couples decide to divorce the impact has the ability to affect the entire family. While a divorce ultimately may be best for all parties involved, it is still important for these cases to be handled delicately, especially in situations where children are involved. It can be difficult for both spouses to come to an agreement that fits their needs when it comes to splitting financial assets and duties. In litigated divorces, it is possible for a judge to make a ruling that neither party is happy with, leading many couples to look for alternative methods of divorce, such as mediation. Typically, the most involved and difficult decisions for couples to make and agree on are those surrounding child custody and child support payment decisions.


Unlike other aspects of divorce agreements, settling on child custody and child support agreements are subject to change. This is because as a child gets older, they may become involved in more activities that alter their schedule. Additionally, when it comes to child support payments the income of the parent that pays child support may change depending on their employment.


In litigated cases, Texas courts use a specific system to determine how much child support will be due. However, the divorced couple may not find that this system works best for their specific situation or child. This can lead to a need for the couple to seek out a safe and fair method to negotiate the terms of their child’s custody and support payment to find a mutually beneficial agreement.


Mediation Instead of Litigation

Understandably, in divorce cases it can be difficult for couples to put their emotions to the side and focus on working together in an amicable fashion to reach a divorce agreement that fits their specific needs. When you choose to work with a mediator for your divorce case, they will help to keep you on track throughout the negotiation experience. Acting as a neutral third party, your mediator will help to navigate the conversation away from emotional discussion and towards logical solutions to the needs of your child.


If you are currently looking for a private and affordable method for you and your spouse to work through your divorce and come to a divorce agreement that is mutually beneficial, contact the Renken Law Firm today. Dawn Renken is a practicing family law attorney who is a licensed mediator that works with couples looking for a private and affordable alternative to litigated divorce.


Houston Divorce Mediation

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