Is Divorce Mediation Right For Me?

Is Divorce Mediation Right For Me

Are you wondering if divorce mediation is right for you and your spouse? There are a few different options for divorce that may be worth considering, including collaborative, litigation, and of course mediation. In divorce mediation, couples select a neutral third party to facilitate open discussions focusing on the issues in the divorce. When couples elect to use mediation as a way to reach a divorce agreement, the conditions are non-binding until a mutually agreeable settlement is reached and signed on. In litigated divorces a judge decides the outcome for the terms of a couple’s divorce but in mediation the parties determine and control the outcome.


Listed below are some things to take into consideration when it comes to divorce mediation to determine if this is the right option for your divorce:


Divorce Mediation is Voluntary: While a judge may order married couples to attend an initial mediation meeting, continuing in the mediation process will be on a voluntary basis only. The entire process will rely on both parties participation, meaning a resolution cannot be reached unless it is mutually agreed to.


Divorce Mediation Is Private: Litigated divorces take place in public courtrooms, making them public record. Whenever you and your spouse choose mediation as the method for your divorce, only the people the two parties choose to involve, such as the mediator, or a financial coach, will have any knowledge of the specifics surrounding your divorce agreement. This means, any records or notes that come from your divorce cannot be used in future court proceedings.


Divorce Mediation Is More Cost Efficient: Litigated divorces can become very costly in a short amount of time. This is because both parties will be seeking legal representation that costs them money. Litigation involves a lot of back and forth negotiations, which in some cases can take several months. Whenever you and your partner work together to reach a divorce agreement, you are able to cut out the back and forth negotiations and get right down to the issues you need to work out.


Divorce mediation is not for everyone. In order to have a successfully mediated divorce, both parties must be willing to work together and compromise in a civil manner. Reaching an amicable divorce can be difficult in cases where spouses do not have similar goals or ideas about property division or child custody. There are other options such as collaborative divorce, arbitration, and of course litigation for couples that mediation does not work for.


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